Professional Driving Tuition

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Special introductory Offer! - First 6 Hours for £100.00!




Subsequent lessons are priced in 10 hour Batches for £190 (if paid in advance)Single/Double hours at £20.00/£40.00. Practical Test 2 Hours at £40.00.

First Time Pass Rate for Quarter 1 2014 = 80%

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Discover a whole new world of driving. No more standing at a draughty bus stop or waiting for a lift from friends and family. Whether you have just turned 17, or you have waited until later in your life, there has never been a better time to learn. Learning to Drive, not only gives you freedom but is an essential skill for life and greatly enhances your career prospects. 

Read on and see why you should choose Beverley as your coach to work with.




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