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2 Hour Lesson proven to be more effective!

We recommend you take 2 hour lessons.  Not only do you learn more quickly, you can take your test in half the time!

There is nothing more frustrating than just being able to do a task and then oop's it's time for you to go home... Disappointing all round.

As your skills develop and you become more independent  leading up to your test. With a 2 hour lesson it''s great to travel further and wider and see more of the sourounding areas and discover that yes, you really can drive in different circumstances across all types of roads from Urban to Rural and Fast to Winding.

We do offer 1 hour lessons if you prefer for financial reasons or you are not in a hurry to pass your test.

Lessons are available for Provisional Licence Holders

Intensive Driving Courses

Pass Plus

Motorway Tuition

Refresher Courses

That dreaded Reverse Parking Thing!

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