So where do you go from here

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 - The first step is to obtain an application form for a British Provisional Driving Licence, available a main Post Offices.

- The Law requires you to read a number plate from 20.5 metres.


- Once you have received your Provisional Driving Licence you are ready to start.

The Law changed on 8th June 2015. The counterpart of a licence has now been abolished.

For insurance purposes your Licence will need to be verified as current. you will need to go to and create a check code (remains valid for 21 days and can only be used once). this unique check code, together with the last 8 digits of your provisional licence number needs to be supplied before your first lesson.


Now… You need to find a Driving Instructor to suit your needs:


What learning style approach best suits your needs?


Are you a Pragmatist, Activist, a Reflector or a Theorist? Do you know?


Why not find out?


This is the difference between having a successful relationship with your Instructor or a breakdown in communication resulting frustration and the inability to learn.


- A fully qualified ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) is required to appear on the register with the DVSA and is licenced to teach.


- There are two parts to obtaining a Full British Driving Licence.


- The Theory Test (Based on thorough knowledge of the Highway Code). The Highway Code is widely available at Bookstores etc…


- The Practical Test (again based on thorough knowledge of the Highway Code).


Moreover... you need to acquire the necessary skills to physically drive a car and more importantly to develop acute awareness and planning skills to drive on the road with other road users.

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